The biggest mistakes tourists make when they fly to Japan

An incredibly beautiful, diverse and versatile destination, there’s a reason why thousands of tourists flock to Japan every year to take in the sights, sounds and fantastic culture the country has to offer. From natural wonders, bustling city streets, and pastoral farmland, Japan has a little bit of everything. For tourists flying to Japan, ensuring you make the most of your holiday should be your number one priority. Here are just a few of the biggest mistakes you need to avoid to make the most of that once-in-a-lifetime trip:

1. Not saving enough cash to do everything you want to do

Japan might seem like one of the locations where you can travel on the cheap side, but for the majority of tourists this couldn’t be further from the truth. While there are ways to see the country on a small budget, this Asian country is just as much an incredible shopping destination as it is a beautiful, cultural location to visit. Tokyo, in particular, holds thousands of shopping experience and tours, making it even more important to have enough cash to make the most of your holiday and bring back some truly excellent souvenirs.

2. Not booking a tour ahead of time

Japan has so much to see and do that choosing to ‘go with the flow’ can be one of the biggest mistakes that tourists make when they plan to see the country. From the incredible Mount Fuji to the beautiful temples of Kyoto, and from Himeji Castle to the country’s beautiful Wisteria farms, there is so much to see here. Failing to book a tour in advance can lead to wasted time that could be spent looking at something amazing.

3. Not choosing to travel outside of Tokyo

While some travellers prefer to stick close to home when they travel, Japan is truly a cultural experience that extends far beyond its cities. If you don’t get out of those streets and into the beautiful towns and villages, then you’re certainly making a mistake when you fly to Japan. It’s worth noting that if you do plan to travel further out, having a good grasp of the Japanese language can help you. While cities are very English-friendly, more remote parts of Japan may require a little more cultural understanding to navigate.

4. Not packing for the right season

While Japan is well-known for its amazing destinations, tourists often have a hard time figuring out how they should dress here. Unlike other destinations in the same continent, Japan’s weather is very seasonal – from Spring’s cherry blossoms to Winter’s snowfall. Packing for the right season is essential for travellers, as Japan’s weather varies drastically depending on the time of year.

If you’re considering flying to Japan, taking these factors in mind can ensure your visit is exciting, enjoyable and filled with adventure. The biggest mistake any visitor to Japan makes it not looking beyond what’s right in front of them – because there’s always plenty more to explore.