Stories, travels and adventures (five months later …)

Welcome back to the blogosphere!

Did you miss me, or you forget me? Let me refresh your memory: hostess on cruise ships, I do not eat animals, I love traveling, I consider the pillow one of my best friends, I never refuse a slice of pizza, I like herbal teas with ginger, and I’m a disaster with numbers. Ok, now you remember me?

I came home after five months. Outside it’s freezing, is a gloomy and windy day, just ideal for hiding in my room, log in to my blog and tell you why I was away from the virtual world for such a long time…

Stories, travels, and adventures (five months later)

What I’ve been up to in the last five months? I worked a lot and every single day: I changed two ships and three continents, I acted as an interpreter, and I visited beautiful places. I completed another contract on board of cruise ships which, paradoxically, I hate when I’m there but I love, and I miss as soon as I set foot on land.
I’ also tell you a secret: I also had fun as hell.

I left the old world last autumn, my beloved Europe that never ceases to amaze me. The tour was the classic Mediterranean route sailing to Italy, Malta, Spain, and France, learning as much as I could both during guided tours and my free time.

My favorite place was Malta, a gem nestled into the blue. It’s strategically located in the heart of the Mediterranean and, for this reason, in the past it gathered influences from neighboring countries, now has charming stories of knights and has majestic yellow ocher architectures around the island which will let you speechless. Maltese people speak a language that belongs to the Semitic group, just like Arabic and Hebrew, as well as English and Italian. Surprises are not over: you will find several red phone boxes just like the English ones, and colorful wooden balconies, but that’s not all…

Then there is Rome, the eternal city. No, no. Rome will never go out of style.
I preferred to leave the Coliseum behind to stroll around areas that I didn’t know yet. How come I hadn’t visited the Trastevere area? Well, I got my chance in October. I had a nice long walk along the river flanked by trees, whose leaves turned yellow and gently fell to the ground. Then I walked to Campo de’ Fiori and to the Jewish district (its formal ghetto) to try some culinary specialties.

Then in November came the time to cross the Atlantic heading to Brazil.
Yes – many ask me – the whole itinerary has passengers aboard for a total of a twenty-day cruise with several stops in ports. We left Europe behind us, having the last dockings in Tenerife and Lanzarote; we sailed for five consecutive days, celebrating the crossing of the equator line with a pool party and then reached Salvador de Bahia. I identified a little with Christopher Columbus when he spotted the first land after so long.

The whole crew had sparkling eyes: we arrived in Brazil “um país tropical abençoado por Deus e bonito por natureza …“. I spent almost two months here, and the main ingredients were fun, sun, beach, music, discoveries, and again fun and beach, evenly scattered in Rio, Salvador, Ilheus, Buzios, Ilha Grande and Ilhabela.

Somewhere in the Atlantic ocean

Life on board

When special needs occur, crew members may occasionally be transferred from one ship to another. This time it happened to me, taking with enthusiasm the news out of curiosity to see the famous Caribbean islands.

I have to be honest with you: after the initial excitement, a few days after I arrived I started to miss a lot my old ship in Brazil. I left funny colleagues, my favourite spots in Búzios (a vacation destination near Rio de Janeiro, I’ll post about it soon), the parties and the careless joy of the Brazilian people and of the crew itself. You know what? The inhabitants of the French-speaking Caribbean were so serious in comparison, the ship life was super boring and envy bitches were always around the corner.

I spent here in the Caribbean the last month of my contract. “Beautiful life!” You’ll think… I assure you that the amount of work was huge and I morbidly dreamed of beaches precisely because I never had enough time to go. Moreover, I didn’t manage to learn about these small islands as I wished, as I’ve continually been bounced from island to island. Not the ideal island hopping, right? Ok, ok, I was there to work and not on holidays. However, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to visit new places, learn about their history and culture and to swim in the crystal blue waters of the jaw-dropping Saona island.

Now I’m home, and it’s time to update my blog, once again abandoned for months… I ‘m now revealing why.

Sunset at sea

Bad luck over bad luck!

A cloud of bad luck decided to fly over me for a while. The motherboard of my brand new pc burned out but I managed to recover all my files. On board I had no time, no inspiration and no will to write on the blog, even more so if I had to use a computer lent by a friend or the small screen of my mobile. After a few months, I bought a new computer in the port of Philipsburg in Sint Maarten in the Dutch Antilles, which is always besieged by crew and cruise passengers to purchase electronic items at great prices.

Just a couple of days after, I lost the phone in mysterious circumstances. Not only have I had the misfortune of losing my baby, but I had the double misfortune of not having made the backup of my photos. I lost everything. The memories of the last year are in the hands of someone who preferred to keep my phone instead of being honest. Information, notes and, above all, the numerous photos taken during this latest contract spent in the Mediterranean, Brazil and the Caribbean. You can imagine how I felt and how my blog will be negatively affected without my pics. After the “mourning” of several days and hysterical scenes to find him, I resigned and started to collect the photos I had published on the social network or sent to friends and relatives. I am desperate because my future articles will not be the same. It is indeed a big blow!

The reaction I had when I lost my phone

Something beautiful to remember

I want to end my article telling you the best memory I had of the past five months. As I said before, the short period spent in Brazil was happy and carefree, but the icing on the cake was to spend the New Year in Copacabana to watch the fireworks. I had goose bumps all the time. I could not believe to see with my own eyes what I had only seen on television until a year before. I never expected to be there, at that moment so magical … and yet I was there!

2017 has begun with a bang!

I can’t wait to tell you about all the wonderful destinations I visited!
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