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Almost a month in Hull. I’m enjoying my new life here more and more, and every day I find out something new to do. During the week I go to class only for 6 hours in total, therefore I have a lot of free time. I study at the library and then I go to the fitness center, but there’s always enough time to do something different. A semester abroad is meaningless without a proper social life.

social life on campus university of hull

How people socialize here?

Joining a society
huu logo redA society is a group of students that share the same interest and meet weekly to carry out a bunch of activities, parties and talks. In order to join any a fee has to be paid, normally around 30£ for sport societies and 4£ for all the others. There’s a wide range of societies: from sports, to culture to any kind of hobby. The sport societies are the most numerous, followed by national groups (such as the Bulgarian or the Japanese society) and interests such as religion, geography, enterprise and the famous Harry Potter society. Joining one of these groups is also a good way for the exchange students to meet some locals. After I figure out how tutorials and classes have to be done, I might think of joining the photography group. If you are curious click here to find out all the societies in the University of Hull.

Participating to GoConnect and ISA parties and events
GoConnect and ISA (International Student Association) are the two most important organizations for international students based in Hull.

Go Connect

Go Connect

Supported by the International Office, GoConnect picks up students at the airport, gives the basic information upon arrival, helps students to integrate, and organizes several events often focused on having an international experience such as the Chinese New Year’s Eve.

ISA is based at the Student Union. It represents all the international students in Hull and organize events in order to meet people from all over the world and get to know different cultures. Another one of its tasks is to plan trips across the country and abroad, such as Amsterdam in March.

ISA Events and Trips

ISA Events and Trips

Having a beer at Sanctuary 
Less than 5 minutes walking from most of the student houses, Sanctuary is a close place where students can have a drink, watch a sport match and have a talk. This is the first place I’ve been to when I arrived. On Thursdays there is the Karaoke night and on Sundays the Quiz Game. In a separated room there are a few billiards tables free on Sundays.

social life hull viaggiovagando

The Student House and Sanctuary by night – ©viaggiovagando

Get fit in the Fitness Center
Besides team sports and the society, going to the gym is another easy way to socialize. The center provides several classes such as Boot Camp, Yoga, Pilates, Cardio and Dance Fit and I already met a few people in less than two weeks! The price is also very good, it’s just 60£ for the whole semester.

Going dancing in the Asylum
Asylum is the club of the campus. Here you can only meet students from the University of Hull and it’s fun because you will always find someone you know. Every week there’s a different theme party on Wednesdays and normal club nights on Fridays and Saturdays.

Asylum - Pic of

Asylum – Pic by