Netflix is The Next Travel Inspiration

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Netflix has added a whopping 16 million new subscribers, making the streaming service one of the world’s biggest entertainment subscription services with over 182 million people. People who are stuck at home and unable to travel, or who only have limited travel options, have been relying on streaming shows to brighten up self-isolation. 

In a few clicks, you can access new cultures in parts of the world you’ve never seen before. With shows, documentary, movies and TV, from a variety of countries, viewers can dive at the heart of a foreign culture – safely, from the comfort of their living room. In a post-pandemic world, we can expect an increase in Netflix-inspired trips. 

If you’re unsure about visiting countries that have a completely alien culture and belief compared to yours, such as Asian places for a citizen of the Western world, Netflix can help make up your mind. Discover new tastes and regions and change your opinion about distant places on streaming. Here’s how Netflix could boost Asian travel. 

Thai shows that make you want to travel

What do you know about Thailand? For a lot of people who are not frequent travellers, Netflix offers the perfect exploratory tool to tackle some of the biggest Myths about Thais and their country. The idea that all Thais are poor is incorrect, for instance. Thailand is a developing country with a strong and affluent middle-class. Watching a TV show such as Sleepless Society – which is now in its third instalment – can give you an insight into what middle-class homes look and feel like. And the answer is: People’s life is very similar to what you know from your own culture. You’ll also appreciate the sweet romantic Oh My Ghost, which is a Thai remake of a South-Korean drama, in which a ghost helps a quiet kitchen girl to become head chef. For anybody who wants to discover Thai food without all the spices, this series provides plenty of insights and – dare we say – warm feelings. 

Reach out to Malaysia

Netflix doesn’t hugely represent Malaysia. It’s hard to say whether the reason is political or financial. Malaysian cuisine embodies diversity, mixing European, Chinese, Middle-Eastern, Indian, and Indonesian influences. Therefore, it can come as a surprise that Netflix chose not to represent the country in its culinary documentary about Asian street food. But don’t let it discourage you! If you’re visiting Asian destinations, do make sure to plan some time in Kuala Lumpur. It’s often more convenient to look for a rent house in Malaysia than stay at a hotel. There is so much to see and taste that you’ll beg Netflix to start streaming Malaysian shows before long! 

Your next stop is a Singaporean documentary

Singapore has one of the strongest passports in the world despite its small size. For travellers, you are in luck as English is the official language of Singapore. The small country has a rich and vibrant culture, thanks to the construction of its maritime hub that attracted international investment, businesses, and exchanges. However, it doesn’t mean that the maritime industry shapes life in the country. On the contrary, watching Singapore Social can help you to emphasize better with the challenges of young adults trying to define their career, romance, and family paths. You may find a lot of common points in your own life! 

Approach romance like a Filippino

The Philippines continues to be perceived as an impoverished nation despite its status as a fast-growing economy. The country is rich in natural resources, and its foreign exchange reserves are way higher than a rich country like Australia, for instance. As a result, a lot of travellers assume that the country isn’t safe. It’s important to remember that there are over 7,100 islands in the country. The majority of places in the Philippines are tourist-friendly. More importantly, they are welcoming and fueled by positivity. Still unsure about it? Take a look at some of the most famous romantic comedies from the country on Netflix. That Thing Called Tadhana, Everyday I Love You, and Bride for Rent can give you a taste of the culture and sense of romance. One thing is for sure; it’s guaranteed to make you want to spend a night in a romantic hotel in the Philippines. The Plantation Bay Resort and Spa on Mactan Island and the El Rio y Mar Resort in Coron offer pampering services and direct access to the water. You’ll be made to feel like royalty! 

Netflix may be the solution to boost some travel destinations. With plenty of different shows and documentaries, it’s easy to use the time at home to discover some of the most distant cultures and debunk your misconceptions. Stream on and see for yourself before you book your trip!