Get to know me: Blog Hop!

My friend and blogger Virginia from The Well-Travelled Postcard invited me to participate in Blog Hop. What is it? It’s a way to interview bloggers with just 4 questions in order to get to know how bloggers work, their habits, and how they differ from others, etc. Virginia answered in a post on her blog and then she chose three other travel bloggers (including me) to take part. I’m really happy to participate, especially as I like the type of questions, since they made me reflect on my own writing and blog.

So here I am!

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1. What am I working on/writing?
I’ve recently published my third and last article about Lunatica Festival (a cultural festival held in Tuscany). Now I have thousands and thousands of notes and pictures to be organised, from my 10-day trip to Budapest. I’m planning to write a few articles about this amazing city and all the cultural aspects I’ve learnt about; especially because I was lucky to have my local friend Anna take me around the whole time.

2. How does my work/writing differ from others of its genre?
We all realise how many travel blogs are on the internet and we all imagine that new blogs are about to appear. We all know and discuss the fact that to distinguish ourselves we have to find our own niche. Ok, true! However, I think that (fortunately?) there’s no-one exactly like me in the whole world. My personal background, tastes, lifestyle and way of seeing at things may be similar to one person but very different from another. For example, I realised that in Italy there are only a few modern language graduates that have a blog about their travels, therefore my target  audience is often students, both in terms of  topics and my writing style.
My interests are wide. I don’t only like to write about my travels: I like to share with my readers aspects of culture, language and some of the curiosities of the places I visit as well. I’m easily fascinated by the world around me, and I can’t wait to tell people enthusiastically about what I’ve just seen, or found out. I’ve always studied foreign languages because I’m a tremendously curious, and this is reflected in my posts. Moreover, my blog differs from others because I’m a vegetarian (and a food lover) and therefore I have created a section dedicated to vegetarian tourists, in Italy and abroad, according to my personal experiences.


3. Why do I write what I do?
I secretly started my blog, in October 2012, to remember things that I’ve seen or particularly enjoyed. What do I mean by “secretly”? Believe it or not, for a few months no-one knew about the existence of my blog because I was too ashamed to show it. After a while, I took courage and… voilá.
The reason I like to write is because, as I said before, I get enthusiastic very easily and I can’t wait to share my experiences with other people. I have a huge list of potential articles in my mind, because everything new that I see/taste/listen to seems very interesting to me. Writing is also a way to remember details that otherwise would be lost.
Another reason to keep writing is the feeling of happiness and gratification every time I receive a comment, an email or a tweet with compliments for my work. This is so rewarding!


4. How does my writing process work?
I have a long list of ideas on my mind! I often wander around and think, “Oh, this might be an interesting post.” I write down all these ideas in my diary and then I develop them into articles. When I travel, I never forget the general impression I have about a place, but I realise I often forget details. For this reason, I have to take notes to fix in my memory feelings or a particular event. I save flyers, maps and business cards, I buy postcards and I take a huge amount of pictures. Yes, a huge amount, because I like the possibility of having a choice, even though, in the end I only really like a few of them. Sometimes I can’t stop and take notes, so I take pictures of everything instead, including captions in museums, which I then use to remember details and layout my article. I find this incredibly useful.
I don’t like to type on my smartphone (I’m more old-fashioned). I jot down my thoughts in my diary while stopping for a drink (a short break whilst discovering a place is one of my favourite parts), and I only write on my laptop: I need to see the preview, decide which photos to include and have a general idea of how the article looks. Is it too long? Too short? Are the pics in the right place?
I need to be in a quiet place to be able to focus on my work: I like libraries, my bedroom, or a nice coffee shop: writing has to be a pleasure! I write down  a first draft, then the day after I proofread it.
When travelling, what I like to do on my phone is to use Twitter and Instagram (as you might have noticed, I love taking pictures).
It seems a long process to do an article. Sometimes it is, especially when I don’t have a lot of free time; but then I’m always satisfied with the outcome.


Now it’s my turn to nominate three bloggers I particularly like
… Say hello to the next blog hoppers!


SophieSophie is a Dutch English teacher gone writer in Italy. This ménage à trois appears to be the perfect combination for juicy stories for the biggest Dutch blog on Italy and her own blog She loves observing everything Italian from the food to the people, from the timeless beauty to the theatrical gestures, and from the hidden gems to the spectacular views. Sharing these observations with the world through letters and pixels is what makes her tick.

Elisa a Parigi - high quality picElisa is a non-stop traveler with a crazy sense of adventure: as a child she wanted to be a pirate! After her Master’s in translation, she moved to Australia (and absolutely loved it!) where she fell in love and worked almost 50 jobs. Fascinated by Asia, she then moved to Japan, where she taught English, learned to cook ramen and started blogging. Her blog, Treasures (, is a quirky container of ideas, lovely gadgets and interesting travel destinations, with many photos: she loves the sea, the colours of the sunset and the lesser-known sides of the cities. After Japan she lived in Istanbul, for a year and a half, and in amazing Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Now back in Europe, she works as a translator and freelance writer between Paris and Malta, ready to leave for Asia again. She is always in search of new experiences and points of view.

Giovy EbridiTravel blogger and freelance writer I was born in 1978 in Valdagno (Veneto) and grew up among hills and mountains. I lived in Switzerland and I travelled around the world because I love discovering new places. I strongly believe in investigating the past and writing about little places. My blog: Emotions Recollected in Tranquillity