Leeds in One Day: What To Do For Free

I visited Leeds for the first time one day that some friends came to visit me from Italy. I spent the day exploring the city, and I meet them only in the late afternoon once they arrived at the airport. The capital of Yorkshire is just one hour by train…


Bournemouth, a student-proof city

Did you know that Bournemouth is one of the few English cities which you refer as “her”, and that its City Council banned the use of Latin words, because it considered them discriminatory against immigrants? I had the pleasure of visiting Bournemouth in November; not really a popular month to go…


Jurassic Coast: a true paradise

How can I describe such an amazing place? I have to be honest: only a very few times in my life I have come across such a breath-taking landscape, but the Jurassic Coast is certainly one of them.  The following is the account of my visit 🙂  I leave early in…


An afternoon break on Newland Avenue, Hull

My favourite cafés The English afternoons are getting ever longer and ever sunnier. I am truly surprised by the weather – I was expecting grey skies and rain every day as I live in the North of England, but I’ve only had to open my umbrella, say, three times…  I…


First impressions of Hull

hull viaggiovagando

A guided tour into the Old Town Hull is more than what I was expecting. Having decided upon other destinations for my semester abroad, I had no clue where the city was located. I googled it to have a general picture of Hull, but it wasn’t love at first sight.…


English life begins

viaggiovagando hull

Second week in Hull and it seems I’ve been here forever. Yet everything is so new that obviously I don’t feel at home. Time flies here: the days seem shorter, stores and bars close early and people meet before 9 at night, so basically I have to change all my Italian…