Bye Bye 2017 and WELCOME 2018!

how to maintain your health whilst travelling

Hello everyone and best wishes for the new year that has just started! I hope you’ve missed me a little bit at least. I realise I’ve been a bit (very…) inconsistent with the blog posts, even though my blog is always at the centre of my thoughts. Work, worries, little …


Stories, travels and adventures (five months later …)

stories, travel and adventures

Welcome back to the blogosphere! Did you miss me, or you forget me? Let me refresh your memory: hostess on cruise ships, I do not eat animals, I love traveling, I consider the pillow one of my best friends, I never refuse a slice of pizza, I like herbal teas …


Memorable travel destinations of my 2014

At the beginning of 2014 I jotted down a list of destinations I wanted to see by the end of the year; some were mere dreams, some others were places I thought I was going to visit for real. 2014 has ended and now I can officially affirm that, for no specific reason, I …


Get to know me: Blog Hop!

My friend and blogger Virginia from The Well-Travelled Postcard invited me to participate in Blog Hop. What is it? It’s a way to interview bloggers with just 4 questions in order to get to know how bloggers work, their habits, and how they differ from others, etc. Virginia answered in a post on …


My top 10 Instagram users

Instagram celebrates its 4th birthday! Exactly four years ago, Kevin (CEO and Co-founder of IG) published his first pic using this app. Nowadays it seems we can’t help using it and Instagram has absolutely changed the way of sharing images. I want to share with you my top 10 of …