Guest Post: First Cruise Experience with Carnival

Cruising is a different type of travel: you either hate it or love it. I worked on cruise ships for two years to fulfil my love for travelling and to be close to the sea. For this reason, I thought to collect several guest posts “from the passenger point of view”…


Inspiring stories: Women empowerment in Cambodia

women empowerment in cambodia

I recently joined several Facebook groups of digital nomads and female travellers, and the amount of inspiring information is fantastic. I was surprised to read about so many stories of successful women around the world and, especially, the strong network that they create through social media in which they constantly…


Guest Post: Haggling and struggling in Kuala Lumpur

kuala lumpur

A few years ago, my best friend and I travelled to Malaysia for the trip of a lifetime. We were roommates in college and developed a lifelong friendship taking history and geography classes together. Throughout our time in college, we planned to one day make our way to southeast Asia,…


Guest post: Delfina’s experience in Italy

From tango to pesto, Delfina’s experience in Italy Delfina, proveniente dalla lontana Argentina, è un’altra ragazza arrivata in Italia per svolgere due stage promossi da AIESEC, il primo a Napoli e il secondo a Genova rimanendo nel nostro paese circa tre mesi. Nel tempo trascorso qui ha viaggiato, conosciuto, scoperto,…


Guest post: Gvanca’s Italian experience

Gvanca, ragazza georgiana di 19 anni condivide in questo articolo le emozioni derivanti dalla sua esperienza in Italia resa possibile grazie ad uno stage fornito da AIESEC Genova per lavorare ad un progetto chiamato Educhange, con lo scopo di impartire lezioni interattive in alcuni licei genovesi parlando del proprio paese…