Discover Biella and its surroundings with #destinazionebiella


A few weeks ago, I discovered a part of Italy that I had never visited before: Biella. After receiving funds the Local Action Group and Aloha, a travel agency, organised a blog tour called #destinazionebiella. Biella seems to be a bit hidden between Piedmont and the Aosta Valley, but it is…


90 things to do in Portugal

I’m deeply in love with Lisbon, and Portugal in general, and the people who know me know this very well. I lived in Lisbon for four months in 2012 and had the opportunity to happily travel  across the country (read my guest-post on The Well Travelled Postcard). I went back for a week in May…


Szia Budapest! My 10-day trip in brief

I returned to Italy only a few days ago and I can’t wait to write about my incredible experience of spending 10 days in Budapest. There is so much information in my mind that it’s hard to decide where to start! I’ve been very lucky: beyond being a tourist I also lived like…


An afternoon break on Newland Avenue, Hull

My favourite cafés The English afternoons are getting ever longer and ever sunnier. I am truly surprised by the weather – I was expecting grey skies and rain every day as I live in the North of England, but I’ve only had to open my umbrella, say, three times…  I…


First impressions of Hull

hull viaggiovagando

A guided tour into the Old Town Hull is more than what I was expecting. Having decided upon other destinations for my semester abroad, I had no clue where the city was located. I googled it to have a general picture of Hull, but it wasn’t love at first sight.…


English life begins

viaggiovagando hull

Second week in Hull and it seems I’ve been here forever. Yet everything is so new that obviously I don’t feel at home. Time flies here: the days seem shorter, stores and bars close early and people meet before 9 at night, so basically I have to change all my Italian…


Travelling in your 20s: Tips for visiting Genoa in 3 days

I’m so happy to have friends from all over the world and I’m even happier when they decide to come to visit Genoa, my city. This summer friends are coming from the Netherlands, but unfortunately, I will be travelling at the same time. This post will help them plan their trip…


Guest post: Delfina’s experience in Italy

From tango to pesto, Delfina’s experience in Italy Delfina, proveniente dalla lontana Argentina, è un’altra ragazza arrivata in Italia per svolgere due stage promossi da AIESEC, il primo a Napoli e il secondo a Genova rimanendo nel nostro paese circa tre mesi. Nel tempo trascorso qui ha viaggiato, conosciuto, scoperto,…


Guest post: Gvanca’s Italian experience

Gvanca, ragazza georgiana di 19 anni condivide in questo articolo le emozioni derivanti dalla sua esperienza in Italia resa possibile grazie ad uno stage fornito da AIESEC Genova per lavorare ad un progetto chiamato Educhange, con lo scopo di impartire lezioni interattive in alcuni licei genovesi parlando del proprio paese…