33 reasons to love Genova

amo genova

Welcome to Genova, my hometown. In this post, I sum up some bizarre reasons why I fall in love with this city every day.  I’m sure that you will find some of these facts quite interesting. Curious? Keep reading. 😉 I love Genova because it manages to enchant and conquer…


My first date with Amsterdam

amsterdam 3

Often journeys start or end with surprises due to changes or failures to respect all our plans. However, unforeseen events can enrich the trip, such as that time when I booked the hostel for the wrong month in Poland, and then I decided to go to Wroclaw instead of Krakow.…


Kaatscheuvel: I got lost in the Dutch countryside

I landed at Amsterdam Airport and immediately continued my trip to Kaatscheuvel that I reached after a couple of hours by train. From the windows, I saw only a few villages, a lot of green and a bunch of farms. On the train, it was completely silent, and then I…


Leeds in One Day: What To Do For Free

I visited Leeds for the first time one day that some friends came to visit me from Italy. I spent the day exploring the city, and I meet them only in the late afternoon once they arrived at the airport. The capital of Yorkshire is just one hour by train…


8 curious facts about Genova


Genova still waits to be discovered. The labyrinth of its historical heart is the symbol of a mysterious city, which plays a hide and seek and lets itself be appreciated a little at a time. I wrote this list of 8 curious facts about Genova, more or less known, with the hope…


Elba, the fish-shaped gem of an island of Tuscany

Living just a few minutes from the closest beach means that I’m used to walk by the sea, in every season of the year. As I’m sick of winter, lately I really feel like going to holiday resort and Elba, the fish-shaped gem of an island in Tuscany came to…


What to visit in Sintra: Quinta da Regaleira

From the stunning Rossio train station, Lisbon, get on the train and get off at the last stop. The landscape flowing past the window becomes greener and greener, and the air cooler. You arrive in Sintra, a Portuguese gem immersed in lush countryside. The atmosphere changes immediately: magic is all…


Bournemouth, a student-proof city

Did you know that Bournemouth is one of the few English cities which you refer as “her”, and that its City Council banned the use of Latin words, because it considered them discriminatory against immigrants? I had the pleasure of visiting Bournemouth in November; not really a popular month to go…


The Sanctuary of Oropa, Biella – Italy

sanctuary of oropa

The national society Local Action Group of Biella and Aloha Travel Agency organised the first of a series of blog tours called #DestinazioneBiella, around Biella, in northern Italy; in order to promote tourism and local resources. Today I’m going to introduce you to one of the most famous attractions: the…


Jurassic Coast: a true paradise

How can I describe such an amazing place? I have to be honest: only a very few times in my life I have come across such a breath-taking landscape, but the Jurassic Coast is certainly one of them.  The following is the account of my visit 🙂  I leave early in…