33 reasons to love Genova

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Welcome to Genova, my hometown. In this post, I sum up some bizarre reasons why I fall in love with this city every day.ย  I’m sure that you will find some of these facts quite interesting. Curious? Keep reading. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love Genova because it manages to enchant and conquerโ€ฆ


8 curious facts about Genova


Genova still waits to be discovered. The labyrinth of its historical heart is the symbol of a mysterious city, which plays aย hide and seek and lets itself be appreciated a little at a time. I wrote this list of 8 curious factsย about Genova, more or less known, with the hopeโ€ฆ


A look into Genoese food: Friscieu

Genoa is rich in history and beauty. Once it was unappreciated for tourism and leisure but now the number of visitors is increasing more and more. In the last years, the city is learning how to deal with tourists by promoting more events, tours and natural attractions. In 2004 Genoaโ€ฆ


Travelling in your 20s: Tips for visiting Genoa in 3 days

I’m so happy to have friends from all over the world and I’m even happier when they decide to come to visitย Genoa, my city. This summer friends are coming from the Netherlands, but unfortunately, I will be travelling at the same time. This post will help them plan their tripโ€ฆ