An afternoon break on Newland Avenue, Hull

My favourite cafés

The English afternoons are getting ever longer and ever sunnier. I am truly surprised by the weather – I was expecting grey skies and rain every day as I live in the North of England, but I’ve only had to open my umbrella, say, three times…

 I often allow myself to spend an afternoon in a café with my housemates, a warm mug of tea or latte macchiato on the table in front of me. We all have a bit of a sweet tooth and there’s always the chance for a good, chunky slice of cake (chocolate cake for me).

newland avenue

Newland Avenue, Hull

Newland Avenue is a minutes’ walk away from the uni campus and you can find many restaurants, cafés, pubs and little clothing shops presented with care.

 Three cafés in particular have grabbed my attention. They are all very cosy and furnished as if for a home. There are a few people here that find them a little “hipster”, but I don’t listen to them…

 The first is called “Jenny&Phil’s” (185, Newland Ave) and it’s the first café here in England that I bought a cappuccino from (good, like in Italy, but the prices are high – in comparison to Italy, it was the most expensive cappuccino of my life). You can enjoy a delicious English breakfast or lunch here (there are also vegetarian dishes). It’s furnished in a very rustic way, with vegetables and flowers making up part of the decorations. Its main feature is using produce from more than 20 local businesses. 



jenny&phil newland ave viaggiovagando


The second café is the elegant “The English Muse” (81, Newland Ave). Big bay windows, small wooden round tables, shelves packed with books and a special corner for the artist of the month, where they can sell their works of art. I like this bar because of how it presents itself – everything seems to have been painstakingly thought out with the idea of making this café as cosy as possible.

the english muse newland avenue

The English Muse

 the english muse viaggiovagando
The English Muse

the english muse

The English Muse

The third bar is, for the moment, my favourite. It’s called “The Last Word” (237, Newland Ave) and it’s the ideal place to relax and read one of the many books found on the shelves. This café has comfortable, big armchairs, warms colours on the walls and dim, moody lights, it couldn’t be cosier.

I often come here to study, tempted here above all by the “cake deal”, a special price on a hot drink and slice of cake for only £2.90 that starts at 3 in the afternoon. The cakes are delicious. It’s a great café for lunch too as it has a wide range of sandwiches, pies and meals. One characteristic of this café – every day they choose a “Quote of the day” written outside on a little blackboard.

the last word

The Last Word


I can’t deny that I’ve been looking to treat myself since I arrived. Why go to the library when all the cafés offer wifi, a cosy atmosphere and excellent, giant slices of cake?
The only thing I have to remember are the (Italian) names that they use differently here for hot drinks – a “latte” is like a “latte macchiato” in Italy and a “mocha” (I assume it’s our Italian “moca”) is some kind of cappuccino mixed with hot chocolate.
It’s wonderful sweetening one’s life!!!

the last word newland

The Last Word

an afternoon break on newland avenue hull england