33 reasons to love Genova

Welcome to Genova, my hometown. In this post, I sum up some unusual reasons why, as a local, I fall in love with this city every day. I’m sure that you will find some of these facts quite interesting. Curious? Keep reading. 😉

Genova from the panoramic view of Castelletto

Unusual reasons to love Genova

  1. I love Genova because it manages to enchant and conquer me from sunrise to sunset. We often say that it’s a provincial city and people are narrow-minded. However, everyone still falls in love with it and wishes to come back.

2. I love Genova because it is mysterious. The vicoli, the narrow streets of its historical centre, create a sort of magic labyrinth where you can easily lose yourself while admiring the ancient architecture and the multicultural daily life.

3. I love Genova because it has a port, and port cities are always crumbling yet charming.

4. I love Genova because it is multi-ethnical and has always been like this throughout its history.

5. I love Genova for its glorious past. It has several centuries of rich history: an important fleet, international trades, one of the first European banks, Christopher Columbus, the starting point of the crusades, and much more.

6. I love Genova for its weather: Even during winter, we can enjoy mild and sunny days.

7. I love Genova because it’s all up and downs and is not “given for granted” as any other flat city.

8. I love Genova for its Riviera di Levante. It’s a gorgeous and posh coastline with famous towns such as Portofino, Santa Margherita, and Camogli. Have you heard of them? Check them out and plan your next trip!

9. I love Genova because it’s composed of narrow streets, stairs, lifts, and funicular railways that are extraordinary shortcuts that take you from one district to the other in the blink of an eye.

10. I love Genova for its pesto sauce and, most of all, for its warm focaccia pucciata (dipped) in cappuccino. It might sound weird, but trust me, if you wanna play the local you have to try it!

11. I love Genova for the simplicity of a summer night spent chatting on a beach.

genova nervi
Harbour of Genova Nervi

12. I love Genova for its historic centre, featured on the Unesco World Heritage List.

13. I love Genova because tourism has increased over the recent years, but the city keeps its authenticity. You don’t feel that fake and touristy atmosphere like in Rome or Venice: tourists still enjoy the same locations as locals do.

14. I love Genova for its paradoxes like an ice-skating rink on the Mediterranean Sea.

15. I love Genova because it’s photogenic. Every photo that you take is amazing.

16. I love Genova because during the disasters due to the floods, all inhabitants rolled up their sleeves, cleaned up the city and supported each other as brothers and sisters. Young people and teenagers, especially, showed great commitment and gained the nickname of Mud Angels, Gli Angeli del Fango.

17. I love Genova because I can choose to reach either the beach or its wooded hills in just a few minutes.

18. I love Genova for its funny and strong regional accent.

19. I love Genova because all the Genovese people love the city with all their heart.

20. I love Genova because it unfolds slowly, so you can discover a little bit each day.

genova recco

21. I love Genova because a thousand of legends lie in many narrow streets and small hidden squares.

22. I love Genova because scooters and mopeds rule here.

23. I love Genova because makes me feel safe.

24. I love Genova because it is simple: not as big as Rome, not as crowded as Venice, and not as snobbish and fashionable as Milan.

25. I love Genova because even the most decadent places are charming and you can feel a magical atmosphere.

26. I love Genova because it has a perfect balance between being fancy and shabby.

27. I love Genova for its unique architecture characterised by coloured buildings and fake shutters painted on the facades.

28. I love Genova because I feel it as mine.

29. I love Genova because we have a joke that goes like this: “Rice cake? Finished!”.  Genoese people are known in the rest of Italy for being unfriendly and unwelcoming to tourists (both Italians -especially from the regions of Milan and Turin – and international) that are visiting Genova; therefore when tourists go to a restaurant, we pretend that the food is finished: we just want the tourists to go away. This is a famous joke from a TV show, but I can assure you that we are getting better and more friendly! 😉

30. I love Genova because it’s predictable: as soon as a couple of rain drops fall, traffic jams are spread all over the city.

31. I love Genova because of its population of seamen.

32. I love Genova because it has left a piece of itself in the rest the world: from Istanbul to the Boca district in Buenos Aires.

33. I love Genova because when I have a moment of scazzo (an excellent Italian word that refers to a mix of boredom, nuisance and irritation) I can always justify myself by saying “Belin, semmo de Zena: il mugugno è un aspetto culturale”.  
Here I used three words in Genoese dialect: 1) Belin is the most typical word of the Genoese dialect 2) Zena is the Genoese translation of Genova, and 3) Mugugno, the most typical Genoese behaviour of complaining all the time. Basically, what I said is “Fuck, we are from Genoa and complaining is a cultural thing”. Understood? 😉

Why do you love Genova? Do you want to add your own reasons?

I’d love to read. Just leave a comment below!

33 reasons why i love genova