Bye Bye 2017 and WELCOME 2018!

Hello everyone and best wishes for the new year that has just started!
I hope you’ve missed me a little bit at least. I realise I’ve been a bit (very…) inconsistent with the blog posts, even though my blog is always at the centre of my thoughts. Work, worries, little free time: the typical everyday life that, in the end, doesn’t leave enough time for one’s passions.

welcome 2018

St Maarten

We always say “new year, new life” and in my case, I hope it is just that. I’ve made some significant changes in the last few months: the biggest was to change my lifestyle again and stay on dry land after two years on ships.

In this post, I want to summarise 2017 which started off in an incredible way and had several ups and downs throughout. I also want to draw up a list of new resolutions for 2018, including those that are hardly maintained as a diet and gym. Yes, this time I want to commit myself and make as many points as possible.

Let’s start with the memories of the year that will soon bid us farewell. It was a year full of travels and twists, inaugurated by the incredible fireworks in Copacabana, Brazil.
My 2017 started with a bang. It was my first New Year in a warm country, I spent a fabulous day in Rio de Janeiro and then went to an unforgettable party under the stars facing Christ the Redeemer.

welcome 2018

Rio de Janeiro

welcome 2018

Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro

After my work experience in Brazil, I was transferred to the Caribbean because the company needed a Portuguese interpreter. My first time in that part of the world was characterised by dream beaches, cheerful people and music.
I discovered islands that I had never noticed looking at the globe: sometimes too small to be drawn accurately. The Caribbean islands are very similar in history, landscape and culture. However, each one is special in its own way. Saint Lucia for the Pitons mountains that guard the territory, Dominica for the waterfalls and the thermal water, Antigua for the beaches that look like sugar and the British Virgin Islands for that day that I sipped a sweet coconut on the beach listening to local music. An intense month between one island and another, but definitely satisfying from a working point of view.

welcome 2018

Cane Garden Bay Tortola BVI

welcome 2018

Saona, Rep. Dominicana

The contract ended and I returned to Italy which was still in winter. Oh my gosh, you can’t imagine the thermal shock … and the psychological one. I already wanted to escape, but then a thousand errands came out of nowhere and I could only spend five days in the elegant city of Paris with a dear friend and colleague of mine.

welcome 2018


The first time I saw Paris it was exciting, although I think that it’s overestimated. I don’t deny the beauty of the French capital, but I think there are plenty of equally beautiful and refined cities (such as Budapest or Vienna) that are not as talked about as Paris. Anyway, I spent some great days there shopping, going to bars and eating delicious crepes and macarons.

welcome 2018


In the meantime, I was waiting for a visa for the United States. At the end of March, I flew to Cancun, Mexico to work on a cruise ship that had Miami as its main port. A new ship, new adventures in places never seen before, despite my previous work experience in the Caribbean. I would be going to Jamaica, Mexico, Puerto Rico, United States, San Maarten, Cayman Islands and the Bahamas. How lucky was I? Each of these places had something special to offer, and I had many new experiences, including ziplining and snorkelling (something that I was never interested in before). The negative side? On a working level, it was a terrible contract and in the end, I decided to put an end to my career on board.  

Bahamas welcome 2018


welcome 2018

Half Moon Cay, Bahamas

welcome 2018

Balmoral Island, Bahamas

welcome 2018

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

I spent the summer in Italy, in my beautiful Genoa. After two years on ships, I wanted to learn something new and enrich myself some other way: destiny brought me back to the sea. I found an ad for a diving course, and remembering how much fun I had snorkelling in the Bahamas, I signed up. I discovered that diving is super cool and it’s becoming one of my passions. The underwater world is something mysterious and scary, yet incredibly fascinating.

Genova welcome 2018


Genova welcome 2018


In September, I went on a holiday that ended up being exceptional and exceeded all my expectations. I spent a month in Israel, starting the trip with a friend and later continuing solo throughout the country and even visiting Petra in Jordan. Every day of that month was unique and characterised by unforgettable moments, landscapes and people. I’ll write many articles about Israel because it has conquered my heart and deserves to be discovered and appreciated.



Petra, Giordania

Petra, Jordan

Tel Aviv welcome 2018

Tel Aviv

welcome 2018

Masada, Israel

Now I’ve been back in Genoa for a few months and I have a new job in the tourism industry, like always. Right now, I think it’s time to stop for a little while to figure out how I want to plan out my future. For this reason, I jotted down my list of new year’s resolutions!



This aspect will always be present in my life, always! I’m still deciding where to go during 2018 even if I’m still not sure of my days off, if my contract will be renewed or how much savings I’ll have… So, everything can change. I want to discover new destinations now that I have a new hobby (scuba diving) and so my holidays will probably be influenced by it. Do you have any recommendations?

Wadi Rum, Giordania welcome 2018

Wadi Rum, Jordan

I want to learn more and more. I’m already studying a new language, and I plan to take courses that can also be useful for my career. I feel like I’m in limbo, so I need shaking up!

This is paradoxical: in some respects, I’m a very organised person, and I don’t like to waste time… but sometimes I’m my own worst companion, and I don’t finish anything. I need to find a method that obliges me to follow the plans I set. I have a thousand ideas, but often this misleads me because everything is scattered all over the place. Too many choices, too many alternatives, all too vague. I struggle with having clear ideas and a fixed goal to aim for.

Eilat, Israele welcome 2018

Eilat, Israel

By 2018, I guess I’ll have a satisfactory number of dives to feel ready for the next level of my PADI certification to reach up to 40m below sea level. Right now I’ve only gone diving in Genoa and Eilat, a small Israeli town on the shores of the Red Sea, but I want to invest more into this new passion of mine.

Last point on the list but not the least. I’ve neglected this little web space quite a bit for various reasons: lack of time, internet and laziness. During the past few years, it has given me a lot of gratification, so it would be a shame to just let it die. I want to promise myself that I’ll be more consistent with posting. I have lots of articles in mind and endless experiences that I would like to tell, but sometimes it’s hard to turn on the computer and start writing. The writer’s block is not my only enemy, but I’ll do it: the blog will flourish again.

Now I want to know everything about you!

How was your 2017?

Are you satisfied with how it went?

What do you expect from 2018?

Don’t be shy, tell me! 

welcome 2018


  1. Loved your post. Brought back beautiful memories of my trip to Jordan. Do check out my post..

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