English life begins

Second week in Hull and it seems I’ve been here forever. Yet everything is so new that obviously I don’t feel at home. Time flies here: the days seem shorter, stores and bars close early and people meet before 9 at night, so basically I have to change all my Italian habits.


The Business Department

My days are pretty much the same so far: getting up to a sunny day that slightly turns grey and gets worse by night, going to class (I only have 2 days of classes, 6 hours in total), going for some shopping, meeting friends in the afternoon, and usually going to sleep pretty early.

Tour in the old town

Tour in the old town

So, how did I spend my first week in England?

During the first couple of days we attended meetings and the International Student Association organized several nights to help new students to get to know people. We  formally registered as students in Hull, discovered our departments, and took a tour on campus and in the city center. I got all my modules approved, so I can’t be any happier! I will attend European Politics, IT-EN Translation and Interpreting and Culture and Communication. I liked all the teachers so far, especially in the Translation/Interpreting module, which will help me a lot for my studies. However, I’m a bit worried for the other two modules because the way we are supposed to study here is completely different from the Italian system, so I don’t really know what to expect and what the professors expect from me.


International office

Life in campus is great! Everything is very close: all the departments, offices and main stores are within walking distance. I’m figuring out all the rooms in which I have classes (the campus is big for me, so it took me a while to orient myself). There’s a huge library that has seven floors and the last has a beautiful view of the town. Then there are a lot of bars, the Student Union in which we find a convenience store, book store, the societies’ office, a bar and a lot more… The campus also has a fitness center, and yes! My flatmates convinced me to sign up, so my life is going to change for the next four months…


Ready to go to the fitness center



Library and campus

Library and campus

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