MeLDS 2013 – Naples 6-10 March

MeLDS, my first international conference

63963_10200235961714416_898379744_nThe most beautiful experiences happen when you travel but also when you have the wonderful opportunity to meet young people from across Europe during special events. From 6 to 10 March 2013 I attended as a delegate the MeLDS 2013, which stands for Mediterranean Leadership Development Seminar, an international conference organized by AIESEC Napoli Parthenope.

We gathered in Castelvolturno (Naples) hosted in the HyppoKampos resort to discuss the closest themes of the association such as enhance our leadership skills and, in my case, marketing and innovation. 249267_10200616368228885_1152567411_nIt was a unique experience as we were about 200 young people mainly from Italy, the Netherlands, Serbia, Tunisia, Belgium, Poland, Canada, Germany and Turkey, strangers but united at the same time. The practical organization of the AIESEC conferences is made to get to know the delegates in a short time, distributing the members of various committees at random in the rooms of the hotel, doing group activities and evening parties. In only four days I managed to get to know a large number of people, succeeding in making real another value of the association: to create an international network.

“The event was inaugurated by prof. Mariano D’Amore representing Rector Quintano and continued with speeches by representatives of civic institutions, professors of Parthenope University and business representatives on the issue of sustainable development and international cooperation in order to create a large network capable of producing reports and opportunities for growth and development in the local situations” writes the online newspaper Medinapoli.

64741_10200633048005869_697822508_nThe first day was dedicated to “meeting and knowing” the delegates. The second day was filled with workshops focused on different areas in order to develop more knowledge and new ideas about marketing, leadership, incoming and outgoing exchanges. In the third day we addressed the issue of the importance of teamwork thanks to Nicola Bonaccini, expert in media traning and public speaking. During the afternoon were carried out  group works regarding innovation, time management, planning and tracking and performance management. The fourth day we had a special guest Dey Dos, an internationally renowned life coach and former President of AIESEC International in 2006-2007 with a daily session of great impact for all of us. The last evening was about the funny Global Village, a moment when each committee brings something typical of their region (food or drink) to be shared with other members.

559758_10200633108287376_425989772_nI am very proud to have participated in this event, not only for having learned so much for my professional development (through the marketing campaigns, market segmentation and creation of innovative projects – obviously important) but also for living the power and spirit of an international network in which is very easy  to meet and build friendships thanks to shared interests and passions. I hope that these relationships will last.
Thanks to this conference, I understood what being part of a global organization means. I have personally met people who, like me, are motivated and full of energy, ready to learn every day and always willing to test and to improve themselves.

I hope to continue this path because I can proudly say that cultural exchanges and international environments give me a special enthusiasm, open my mind and make me think outside the box.



  1. that was amazing ! thumbs up Liza ))

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