Guest post: Delfina’s experience in Italy

From tango to pesto, Delfina’s experience in Italy

Delfina, proveniente dalla lontana Argentina, è un’altra ragazza arrivata in Italia per svolgere due stage promossi da AIESEC, il primo a Napoli e il secondo a Genova rimanendo nel nostro paese circa tre mesi. Nel tempo trascorso qui ha viaggiato, conosciuto, scoperto, migliorato il suo italiano ma soprattutto ha creato amicizie che durano nel tempo nonostante un emisfero di distanza.

320634_506217569410856_568269927_nMy experience in Italy started on 28 September. I arrived in Rome and I can exactly remember my feelings in this moment.  I was excited because it was my first experience abroad, my first travel and my first period alone and far from my family. I started this experience with a lot of feelings and fears on my mind. The first place that I visited in Italy was Napoli. An amazing city in the south of Italy, where I met people from India, Georgia and Poland. I was with them in a house near the sea. I used to go to the Mergellina on weekends and to walk around the center, near the beach. I visited also Sorrento, Amalfi, Positano and Capri. All these places made me happy, and made me realise how different are cities and places in Italy. Later, when my days in Napoli were arriving to the end I went to the Vesuvius and it was amazing to walk and to know Pompeii. Another thing that I can highlight among everything that I liked, is the Italian language spoken by the people of the south. When I arrived I couldn´t understand anything, even if I know Italian and I can speak.

In October, I made one of my dreams come true. I went to Rome and I went alone for three days in which I walked without stopping. I visited the Fontana di Trevi, Coloseum, Piazza di Spagna and when I arrived at the Vaticano, I couldn´t believe that I was there. Entering to the Chiesa di San Pietro and Capella Sistina are two of the things that I will never forget.

155550_10151511900513957_1695081664_nOn 1st November I left Napoli and I took the train to go to Genova. I was so sad because I was leaving a great city and seven friends from all over the world. When I arrived in Genova, one of the best Italian guys that I know was waiting for me at the Station at Brignole. Since I was there, my experience in Italy became everyday more interesting and unforgettable. I met new people and now they are my friends. Three girls from Albania, Georgia and Iran. We travelled together to Milano, Torino, Venezia, Verona and Savona. All these places were different and special because of their main features. Another city that I liked so much was Firenze and also Pisa. I enjoyed so much to be in the Torre di Pisa.

Regarding Italians, I liked Italian people of the north of Italy. They were like me, and they were very polite. In other words, I like Italian culture and Italian history.

579207_10151535245703957_762855260_nNowadays, I am not the same person that I was before going Italy. In many situations, it is difficult to explain to other people, for example family and friends, why this trip was so life-changing and so unforgettable, but since I am back home I learned to be happy for myself with my own experience. Now, I know that I dream of Italy everyday of my life. I dream of a life there. Perhaps, I have to wait for years and years to make this dream come true and to be there, but I wake up each morning thinking of it.

I improved my Italian, now I can read the everyday news and listen to music from Italy with another feeling. Now, I can write in two minutes an inbox to my Italian friends. All these things make me a good person, make me believe in friendship even if it is distance in the middle. So, if you are just dreaming about something or you are not sure about travelling, just do it. Before travelling I read quotes like: If not now, when? And I couldn´t understand it. Now, I would like to say: If not now, when? This is our life, and if we don´t know other cultures and other places, we are only reading one of the pages of this big book, whose name is life.

525508_10151518674273957_669452886_nMai mi dimenticherò di tutti i luoghi che ho conosciuto e, soprattutto, di tutte le persone che sono state con me durante il 2012 quando sono stata in Italia.

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