Bye Bye 2017 and WELCOME 2018!

how to maintain your health whilst travelling

Hello everyone and best wishes for the new year that has just started! I hope you’ve missed me a little bit at least. I realise I’ve been a bit (very…) inconsistent with the blog posts, even though my blog is always at the centre of my thoughts. Work, worries, little …


Guest Post: First Cruise Experience with Carnival

Cruising is a different type of travel: you either hate it or love it. I worked on cruise ships for two years to fulfil my love for travelling and to be close to the sea. For this reason, I thought to collect several guest posts “from the passenger point of view” …


Delicious Israel: a special food tour in Tel Aviv

delicious israel

The first day I stepped into Israel, I fell in love it. Its large, golden Telavivian beaches, the friendly and amazing people, the vibrant atmosphere and, of course, the tasty food. Before my trip, I did some research on what I could visit and do, and my expectations grew and …


Inspiring stories: Women empowerment in Cambodia

women empowerment in cambodia

I recently joined several Facebook groups of digital nomads and female travellers, and the amount of inspiring information is fantastic. I was surprised to read about so many stories of successful women around the world and, especially, the strong network that they create through social media in which they constantly …


33 reasons to love Genova

amo genova

Welcome to Genova, my hometown. In this post, I sum up some bizarre reasons why I fall in love with this city every day.  I’m sure that you will find some of these facts quite interesting. Curious? Keep reading. 😉 I love Genova because it manages to enchant and conquer …


My first date with Amsterdam

amsterdam 3

Often journeys start or end with surprises due to changes or failures to respect all our plans. However, unforeseen events can enrich the trip, such as that time when I booked the hostel for the wrong month in Poland, and then I decided to go to Wroclaw instead of Krakow. …


Travelling to Samoa: my first impressions


My last trip in 2015 was to Samoa, the most extraordinary, distant, exotic (and expensive) of my life. Fate wanted to take me to Samoa, thanks to a coincidence of events, a relatively cheap plane ticket, and the impulse to click on the “book now” button. After three days of …


Kaatscheuvel: I got lost in the Dutch countryside

I landed at Amsterdam Airport and immediately continued my trip to Kaatscheuvel that I reached after a couple of hours by train. From the windows, I saw only a few villages, a lot of green and a bunch of farms. On the train, it was completely silent, and then I …