My name is Annalisa and I was born in 1988. Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve had the good fortune of being in a multicultural environment thanks to my academic choices, my many friends and of course, holidays. This caused something to awaken in me – a curiosity to discover new things. I love to travel, to meet people, to study languages and to discover new, exotic flavours.

I have a BA in Intercultural Communication and a MA in Translation and Interpreting. Now I live in Genoa, where I finally decided to settle after having lived in three different Italian regions. I worked in Lisbon, I studied in Hull, in the UK, for my semester abroad, and now I work on cruise ships, turning the sea into my new home.

Whilst I speak Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese and a little French already, I never pass-by the opportunity of learning other languages that will give me the chance to travel and hold conversations with the people that I meet. However, it’s not just the linguistic side to languages that I enjoy, as cultural anthropology is another one of my major interests. One of my small, secret dreams is to visit the long list of Unesco World Heritage Sites.

Viaggiovagando is a growing blog with the aim of being a bilingual in the near future. It’s not just a simple travel blog with tips and itineraries – my interests are wide and varied and this is reflected in the blog. I write about experiences abroad, learning foreign languages, emotions encountered whilst travelling, literature, curiosities about other cultures, events and food, with sections dedicated to vegetarian tourists and life as a crew member on board of cruise ships.


  1. Complimenti per il sito bilingue!!! 🙂 Ma traduci tutto tu quando scrivi un articolo e poi posti immediatamente nella sottodirectory /en? Davvero brava!

    • Ciao! Grazie! Sì traduco tutto io e quando riesco mi faccio rileggere gli articoli da amici madrelingua. Un lavoraccio: gestire un blog in due lingue è veramente faticoso. Uso un plug-in e quindi riesco a gestire la sezione italiana e quella inglese come due blog separati. Comodissimo, così non mi si mischiano i post!

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