From adolescence onwards, I had the great fortune to live in international contexts, favored by educational choices, numerous friendships, holidays and experiences abroad. I love finding new things, knowing people, studying foreign languages, and enjoying different flavours. I need constant stimuli, and I’ve found that traveling, after all, is what makes me feel happy for real. I’m always looking for a place to go, something different to do or learn, and many ideas and dreams invade my mind.

After completing a three-year degree in Intercultural Communication, I continued my studies with a master course in Translation and Interpretation. In my life I have often changed my home: I lived in many Italian regions before settling permanently in Genoa, I did an internship in Lisbon, I studied for a semester in Kingston upon Hull (England) and in the last two years I’ve lived in the middle of the sea working on cruise ships.

I like to claim to have roots everywhere and paradoxically anywhere. The change does not frighten me, but at the same time, I like to find my point of reference in every place I go: the favorite bar, the little square, the trusted beautician, that particular store that sells organic products …

I speak fluently English, Spanish, Portuguese and a bit rusty French but I do not pull myself back from learning other languages ​​that allow me to travel and have a dialogue with the people I meet (various attempts with Russian, Hebrew, Samoan, Hungarian and Dutch. How to say? “It’s not the winning that counts but how you played the game”).

In addition to the linguistic aspects, I am passionate about cultural anthropology, and I always like to chat with people from other countries to know how they live, what they think or what dishes they eat on special occasions. Travel has opened my mind and changed me considerably, and for this reason, I do not intend to stop now …


I chose the name Viaggiovagando, an Italian composed word I invented, to express my way of being: traveling around the world and wandering with fantasy

It is a growing blog, with the project being a bilingual site shortly. It’s not a platform like so many blogs on the web: mine is a blog that follows my travels and my life path and growth. For this reason, it is not only limited to providing routes to the various destinations but also offers various topics including being vegetarian around the world, my Erasmus experience and the life onboard cruise ships as a crew member.

I also love writing in Genoa, the city where I live and that never stops of surprising me.

I always try to provide unusual ideas and anecdotes (sometimes in an ironic key). I want to convey to the readers my enthusiasm, the irrepressible desire to feel citizens of the world and, above all, to inspire young travellers who, like me, want to discover the beauty around them informally and spontaneously.


  1. Complimenti per il sito bilingue!!! 🙂 Ma traduci tutto tu quando scrivi un articolo e poi posti immediatamente nella sottodirectory /en? Davvero brava!

    • Ciao! Grazie! Sì traduco tutto io e quando riesco mi faccio rileggere gli articoli da amici madrelingua. Un lavoraccio: gestire un blog in due lingue è veramente faticoso. Uso un plug-in e quindi riesco a gestire la sezione italiana e quella inglese come due blog separati. Comodissimo, così non mi si mischiano i post!

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